The Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) is a student led committee  whose mission is to support UA students’ out-of-classroom development, learning and engagement experiences by providing funding assistance to registered student organizations (RSO) for their project, event and travel efforts that benefit the UA student body as a whole. 

FAC funding is applied for via your mySOURCE Registered Student Organization (RSO) Finance page.

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FAC Training

The person completing the FAC Funding and Purchase request for a student organization must complete FAC training. This is usually the president and/or treasurer.
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FAC Funding Awarded - Now What?

Find all the information you'll need after your organization is rewarded FAC funding.
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FAC Travel Release Form

If your organization is awarded travel funding, each traveler should complete the University Funded Travel Individual Release and Acknowledgement form electronically using the correct form prior to trip departure.