To ensure fair and equitable allocation of funds, the Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) uses guidelines and precedents for the funding of expenditures and uses these guidelines to deliberate every request. Student organizations submit a Funding Request online, then the FAC meets to discuss requests and will email the organization once the funding is awarded in mySource.

FAC award amounts are posted to FAC Accounts in the mySource Finance System, for viewing by student organizations by 5 p.m. on the Friday following the FAC meeting and Senate approval. Organizations must spend allocated FAC funding within 60-days; any unspent funding will revert to the FAC. Allocation recipients should immediately notify the FAC advisor of any cancellations. If an organization spends funding allocated from the FAC on a program/event/activity/travel and does not execute or attend the program/event/activity/travel, the offending organization is ineligible for any FAC funding during the next fiscal year.

Likewise, if an organization is allocated funding and they fail to use it, they may not be awarded funding the following academic year. However, if there are unavoidable or extenuating circumstances, the SGA VP of Financial Affairs shall have the ability to waive these restrictions at his/her discretion.

Advanced planning is key. Funding may only be applied for within the appropriate months relating to organizational needs. Organizations may only apply once for a particular project/event/trip; if not fully, funded the organization cannot reapply.


The President or Treasurer of the organization must complete the online FAC training prior to requesting funds.

All student organizations seeking funding from the FAC must be registered with The SOURCE for at least one month and have a Student Organization bank account. Online FAC training must also be completed with each academic year.

Determining Factors

Some factors used by the FAC in determining allocations/amounts are:

  • Benefit to the UA student body as a whole
  • Nature of the project or activity
  • Number of students affected by the project or activity
  • Size of the student organization
  • Adherence to University policies and FAC guidelines
  • Precedents based on FAC deliberations
  • The combined dollar amount of pending requests to the FAC made by student organizations
  • Other funding sources. i.e., co-sponsorship (two or more student organizations collaborating to put on a project or activity); outside sponsorships; outside ticket revenue to be received

Budget Periods

FAC Funding is divided into two budget periods, Fall and Spring, to better distribute funding. Each budget period is allowed $100,000 (plus any prior budget period roll backs).

Funding Precedents

Maximum funding to eligible student organizations will be $7,500 per fiscal year. These amounts are not a guarantee of allocation for any student organization. The allocations are approved at the committee’s discretion and must pass approval by the SGA Senate.

  • Travel: $500 per student, not to exceed the maximum eligibility for the fiscal year.
  • Events: $15 per student maximum, up to $2,000 for cultural food.
  • Equipment: Single item purchase maximum of $4,999.99.

Expenditure Details

Review details for each type of funding request process and what is and is not permitted for each request type.

Any multimedia that uses video or audio must comply with the Senate Act mandating that organizations use to transcribe for the hearing impaired

Please read the information below carefully if you are planning to travel outside of Tuscaloosa for a student organization event.