All the forms you’ll need when collaborating with the FAC.

Budget Template

When applying for funding, utilize the budget template to plan your funding request and upload to your request.

Access the budget template

Travel Release Form

If your organization is awarded travel funding, each traveler should complete the University Funded Travel Individual Release and Acknowledgement form electronically using the correct form below prior to the President and Advisor approval deadline. Complete the form in DocuSign and it will be routed to the FAC Advisor for approval.

Should you have any questions, contact the FAC Advisor at

Form for those under 19 years old


  1. Enter traveler’s name and email address
  2. Enter a parent/guardian name and email address
  3. Select Begin Signing
  4. Select Start
  5. Complete all blanks on the form
  6. Sign the form electronically
  7. Select Finish
  8. Notify your parent/guardian of the need to complete the electronic form; they will receive the document via email

Form for those 19+ years old


  1. Select Agree to use electronic records and signatures
  2. Select Continue
  3. Complete student blanks on the form
  4. Sign the form electronically
  5. Select Finish

Travel Release Form

Purchase/Reimbursement Addendum

When awarded FAC funding, complete this form and upload to to to purchase goods/services or receive reimbursement of funds spent using FAC funding. Missing or incomplete forms may result in your purchase request getting denied.

For FAC Advisor (UA Procurement) purchases and reimbursement of expenses incurred.

  1. Enter the student organization’s name as it appears in mySOURCE
  2. Complete the contact’s name, email and phone number
  3. Enter your position within the organization
  4. Enter the Type of Request (purchase/reimbursement)
  5. Complete with all relevant information the FAC Advisor will need to make the purchase(s) or complete the reimbursement.
  6. Once completed, upload the Purchase Addendum to the Purchase Request
Access the purchase/reimbursement addendum

Direct Deposit Authorization

Reimbursement request of FAC funding requires a completed Direct Deposit Authorization form uploaded to the purchase request on the Student Organization Finance page on

Access the direct deposit authorization form