Please read the information below carefully if you are planning to travel outside of Tuscaloosa for a student organization event.


  1. Only currently enrolled UA students are eligible to utilize FAC funding.
  2. Each student traveling must complete and sign the University Funded Travel Individual Release and Acknowledgment form prior to the funding request deadline for President and Advisor approval. If your organization has an application or formal selection process that would prevent your organization from meeting this deadline, please reach out to the FAC Advisor prior to the deadline to discuss alternative options. This form details the date, location, the purpose of travel, and identifies each student traveling. If the student is under the age of 19, a parent/guardian signature is required.
  3. Reimbursement of personal vehicle use may either be paid at the current federal mileage reimbursement rate, or actual gas cost (receipts required). A conference program and a travel map with details may be required for this reimbursement.
  4. There is a maximum of one student per bed for pre-paid hotel expenses.
  5. If using a UA Fleet vehicle, all drivers must be at least 21 years of age, have no less than three (3) years driving experience, possess a valid driver’s license and complete a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) form online. List the department information for the FAC Advisor (Student Life – Business Services) and list FAC Advisor as the “supervisor” for routing approval purposes. This form must be approved before a student is permitted to drive a UA Fleet Vehicle. The form should typically be completed two weeks prior to the requested travel date. Prior to operating a University vehicle, the Risk Management office will contact the driver for completion of online driver safety/education training. Additional training will be required to operate a 12-passenger van.
  6. To ensure adequate processing time, organizations must submit travel documentation to the FAC Advisor no less than 14 days prior to the date of travel. Airfare and/or lodging details should be submitted to the FAC Advisor, ideally, 30 days prior to the date of travel. The FAC Advisor cannot guarantee the booking of airfare/lodging within 30 days from the travel date.
Review UA Travel Policy

Please note, the items below are not inclusive of all allowable or prohibited expenses.

Allowable Expenses

  • Lodging
  • Registration
  • Airfare
  • Vehicle rental
  • Mileage or gas expense for currently enrolled UA Students
  • HomeSharing/Airbnb/VRBO expenses require pre-approval for booking and/or reimbursement.

Prohibited Expenses

  • Food while traveling
  • Travel for faculty/staff
  • Personal travel not affiliated with a student organization
  • Travel not pre-approved
  • Membership dues
  • Social trips